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Get access to best-in-class, comprehensive datasets, with an intuitive interface, map-based layers, and integrated collaboration capabilities to enhance productivity and accelerate results. Get Started


Get advanced notice of possible drilling on your prospects based on a variety of public and non-public scouted data.


Get daily updates on permits throughout the U.S., locate depth trends, verify viability, and view high quality images of plats with tract and lease ownership.


Drillinginfo has the industry’s most up-to-date and comprehensive online database for fee-based leasing activities to help you identify major players, look up typical royalty interests, review lease terms and identify open acreage.

Lease outlines

No other company has the coverage and accuracy of DI’s LandTrac lease outlines. These are mapped from the legal descriptions of the leases filed at the courthouse and will assist you in identifying open acreage and new opportunities.

View Landtrac Leases

Decline curves

With our interactive decline curve calculator, you can quickly select and adjust the best-fit decline curve, along with EUR data, and save for future use. This allows you to calculate and save EURs and RRRs for hundres of wells in minutes.

Production volumes

Access detailed current production or historical data for wells and fields throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and other international locations. Our allocated production methodology reports gas at the well level and oil at the completion level and is derived using our Testing Data below.

Estimated Ultimate Recoveries (EURs)

Using DI’s pre-generated Estimated Ultimate Recoveries (EURs) and decline curve parameters you can quickly obtain forecasted future recoverable resources on a well, unit or field level.

Well Logs

Access one of the country’s largest collections of LAS well logs and raster images including over 80,000 high-resolution, quality-controlled and workstation ready LAS files.


Drillinginfo is now the industry’s de-facto source for accurate and up-to-date rig location information for the US onshore and Gulf of Mexico. Over 80% of the rigs in the continental US are reported daily via Drillinginfo-installed GPS units. Other rig location data comes direct from the drilling contractor. Precise driving directions are also available from the web data or in DI’s new Rigs Mobile app.

Well events

Easily track critical stages in a well’s history, such as spudding, casing/cementing and plugging, in Louisiana and Texas, as our system reports sequential dates and detailed information about the events.

Digitized courthouse records

With DI Courthouse you can access our comprehensive on-line repository of digital county records to search titles back to sovereignty and develop chain of title – all without leaving your office.

Mineral Ownership and Appraisal

Easily find Working Interest, Royalty and ORRI interest owners on Texas producing properties and get a quick, big picture look at what taxing authorities value a mineral ownership, working interest, or override position.

Automatic activity alerts

Virtual Scout allows you to monitor and manage your oil and gas assets and areas of interest. You will be notified automatically of oil and gas activity in your AOI, be able to access detailed information about that activity, and use the expanding set of tools to help easily manage and verify your assets.

Directional Surveys

Drillinginfo continues to be the leading provider of oil & gas data as we will deliver directional data for wells throughout the entire US in 2014. Single, and in many cases multiple, surveys are qc’d and combined into a single wellbore trajectory for immediate uploading into Transform or your interpretation system of choice.


Search plugging reports in multiple states to instantly see who is closing down production.

Stratigraphic tops

You can rely on Drillinginfo’s geology experts who use a patented basin-wide allostratigraphic correlation method to locate major flooding-surfaces and sequence boundaries across many of the major unconventional shale plays.

Testing Data

Drillinginfo collects and displays current and historic test data on a periodic basis depending on state requirements.

Unit outlines

DI’s UnitTrac unit outlines are mapped from regulatory filings from the Texas Railroad Commission. As an expired lease doesn’t necessarily indicate that acreage is available, UnitTracs help you know when acreage is already HBP so you can focus all of your time on the best prospects.

View UnitTracs

Downstream data

Specialized data give oil and gas professionals useful marketing information to aid in research and analysis of downstream markets. These include Transporter/Purchaser/Gatherer data and Gas Plant/Refinery data.


You can quickly search for basic completion data and drill down to detailed frac stage data to determine best practices.

View Texas Completions

Oklahoma Regulatory Applications & Orders

Search all applications and final pooling orders to investigate affected entities, field rules and your competitors’ geologic exhibits to make more informed drilling decisions or claim a strategic advantage at the negotiating table before orders are finalized.

Louisiana Unitization Exhibits

Enhance your regional geologic knowledge with the more than 60 years of exhibits, including type logs, well tests, structure maps, reservoir data and more. Drillinginfo is the sole online source for geologic exhibits presented to support issuing unitization orders.

Pricing Data

Pricing data from the Texas Comptroller’s office set includes sales volumes, price on a well or lease basis, as well as commodity seller and purchaser/gatherer information. The data from Taxation and Revenue Department includes price and post information as well as purchaser, producer, and facility information.