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DI International Product Line Overview

DI International offers the most holistic view of the global oil and gas industry. From deciding to drill or invest outside of the United States to selecting the ideal location for a well, DI International provides you with the tools to make smarter, faster decisions throughout every step of the process. By answering the “who”, “what”, “where”, and “why” of global oil and gas assets, Drillinginfo is helping customers minimize risk, save time and money, and stay head of the competition. DI International includes five value-add modules: DI Scout, DI International E&P Layers, DI Opportunities, DI Asset Tracker, and DI Fiscal Regime.


DI International is the most comprehensive international tool on the market. By using the five modules together, you are able to quickly and easily understand which companies own assets, where there are current or potential opportunities, and how activity in a region may affect the attractiveness of those opportunities. With the depth and breadth of information that DI International offers, you can make confident decisions and minimize the risk associated with costly international ventures.


Stop wasting time and money gathering data from multiple sources and analyzing disparate datasets. DI International provides all the information you need to understand the international oil and gas industry in a single platform. View all reported and potential opportunities in one list and all global activity affecting oil and gas ventures in a single weekly report. DI International analysts have also normalized all asset ownership to the parent company level, so users immediately know which corporations are operating in a given region, regardless of local subsidiary or shell corporation involvement. Take the manual work out of data gathering and analysis and focus on making valuable decisions for the business.


With DI International, you can be informed of opportunities before they even occur. Our proprietary list of potential farm-ins and bid rounds helps users beat competitors to deals and enter into exclusive negotiations with sellers. By leveraging the most detailed activity report on the market, you can perform due diligence and make decisions about assets before your competitors are even aware they are available.

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By monitoring the market, Drillinginfo continuously delivers innovative oil & gas solutions that enable our customers to sustain a competitive advantage in any environment.

Drillinginfo customers constantly perform above the rest because they are able to be more efficient and more proactive than the competition.