The 50 Top Oil and Gas People on Twitter

Ever wanted to find the top oil and gas people on Twitter, but didn’t know where to start?

I know the feeling.

Last summer, I set out to make a list of every person I could find in oil and gas on Twitter. With a little help from followerwonk, I was able to cultivate a pretty boss list, which you can find here.

But, while it may point you in the right direction, it’s still filled with hundreds of people. With so many to choose from, who should you follow first? And even if you start following them, who is worth your time? Who shares the best links and has the wittiest repartee? These are the questions I aim to answer today.

50 Top Oil and Gas People Methodology

The list below is not scientific and it has clearly been influenced by no small amount of favoritism (see #3). I looked at a combination of industry influence, follower count, quality of shares and personal affinity to determine who made the cut. I can say with confidence that the following 50 people are the Twitter Rock Stars of oil and gas. I guarantee they will add value to your day, or your money back (disclaimer: the DI Blog is free, buyer beware).

Notice also that this list is interactive. If you click the “crowd rank” tab, you can vote people up or down. If you would like to add these people to your own “Top Oil and Gas People” list, login to your Twitter account and click the “Me” tab at the top of the page. Then click “Lists” on the left side of the page and “Create list.” Give your list a name and description, then choose if you would like it to be Public or Private and click “Save list.” Finally, when you go to any person’s page, click the person drop down directly to the left of the “Follow” button. Select “Add or remove from lists…” and then click the checkbox next to the name of your list.

Your Turn

Alright, let me have it! Who did I miss? Leave your Twitter oil and gas “must-follows” in the comments below.

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James Hahn

was Social Media Manager at Drillinginfo. He has since went on to found Tribe Rocket, a digital marketing agency that helps oil and gas operators build highly-enthusiastic communities of investors, potential partners and concerned citizens around their brands to drive business results. James studied Journalism at Michigan State University. Follow him on Twitter @JamesHahnII
  • Natalie Roberts

    James, @AlexMerle has an interesting Oil and Gas perspective.

    • Nice add Natalie! Alex is great. Though, he does spell funny sometimes 🙂

  • Ken Scott

    I actually am personally acquainted with one person on this list. Cool.

  • Brittany Thomas

    Hey – thanks for including me on the list. Honored to be mentioned with so many great folks from the industry. Lots of people have great content and things to say – and more are joining all the time.

    • Absolutely, I love that the oil and gas online community continues to steadily grow. It’s really fun to be a part of it and watch it all unfold. Of course, your work at Cabot is really helping to make it official. Thank you!

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  • thanks for the kudos!! agree with Natalie on @AlexMerle…would also include Randy Young @LandmanInsider

    • Good call, Brian. I love Randy’s work!

    • In his defense it was a ‘twitter’ list, and I am (at best) a mediocre twit!

      Great article James.

  • Lori Ditoro

    Thanks for including me! I’m honored to be among so many great Twitter folks.

  • Lori Ditoro

    Thanks for including me! I’m honored to be among so many great Twitter folks.

  • All my friends are achievers and doers. This is a great listing of those same types of people. My hat is off to all of you. 🙂

  • So glad to say that BSEEC works with many on this list and is so proud to be included. Thanks!

    • Well deserved Ed. Thanks for all you do for the oil and gas community online!

  • This is a thoughtful and badly needed list. I have always felt that the oil and gas industry, especially the oilfield product and service sector, is under-represented on Twitter. This list does a great job of pointing out some of the people who have in fact embraced Twitter as a viable and productive medium — and also have something interesting to say! Thanks for your efforts.

    • Really glad you found the list helpful! Thank you!!

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