How to Find Azimuth & Lateral Length in Drillinginfo

How to Find Azimuth & Lateral Length in Drillinginfo

Are you part of an E&P group who would like to determine capital expenditure for new drilling programs?

Are you a service company who drills horizontal wells and needs a way to estimate costs and forecast revenue?

Do you work for a financial services company who would like to predict an operator’s total expenditure for horizontal drilling programs in a given play?

If so, you’ll be happy to know Drillinginfo is now digitizing lateral length and azimuth for horizontal wells. To add them to your search results, select the “Surface & Bottom” radio button in the “Location Data” section of the Permit Search Criteria page. The system will automatically calculate the lateral length and azimuth for you.

To see the results, go to Table View. From here, you can export to Excel and several other 3rd party applications.

Lastly, click “Map View” and then “Histogram.” Select “ocompany” from the Histogram Column drop down and “horizontalLength” from the Bubble Column drop down, and click “Submit.” This generates a color coded map of operators bubbled by lateral length.

We hope you find this new tool helpful. If you ever have any questions or need help walking through the workflow, contact Support at (888) 477-7667 ext. 3

Drillinginfo’s World Members Meeting is quickly approaching. It will be held October 24-26 at the Hilton in Downtown Austin, Texas. Our keynote speaker is Mr. Moneyball himself, Billy Beane of the Oakland A’s. He will tell us how he used statistical analysis to generate the longest win streak in the modern era with one of the lowest payrolls in baseball. Please join us for this informative industry event. The conference is FREE, but seating is limited.
Recent Product Releases and Enhancements

Recent Product Releases and Enhancements

Drillinginfo is excited to announce our Q4 product releases and enhancements.


Drillinginfo Leasing coverage moves to California, Montana, and Kansas. Our land department is in the process of expanding Fee Lease coverage to as many states as possible throughout the U.S. With today’s release, Drillinginfo now possesses lease information for these three additional states including 50 counties and 140,554 fee leases. The counties selected in each state reside in significant oil and gas play areas: the Monterrey Shale in southern California, the Mississippi Lime in Kansas, the Alberta Bakken/Heath in northwestern Montana, and the Bakken in eastern Montana. Coverage for these new states begins on January 1, 2002 and will be continuously updated.  If you have access to those states, you can run a lease search immediately. If you would like access, please contact your account representative, or e-mail, and we’ll have someone reach out to you immediately.

Drillinginfo currently has the largest and most consistently updated leasing database in the United States.


With the advancement in mobile technology, there has been a huge increase in requests for a Drillinginfo phone application. Drillinginfo is very happy to announce the release of DI-WellSpot. WellSpot is a free phone and tablet application available to all iPhone and Android users, which allow you to use generate basic well information while on the road. The map interface allows you to see wells within a 5-8 mile radius around your location. Once you find your well, by clicking the spot, you’re able to bring up associated well information. Additionally, DI-WellSpot allows you to use your camera to find wells within the area. Simply point your mobile phone in a specific direction, and WellSpot will show you which wells are in the area, based on the direction of your camera. DI WellSpot is now available for download at the Apple and Android stores.


Drillinginfo now gives you the capability to view North Dakota Frac information. DI Pro subscribers now have access to the following features:

  • Completions Detail Enhancements displayed in a tabular view of completion details including Treatment Types, Proppant, Fluids and Treatment Fluid Additives
  • Selectable columns enhancements to easily find completions with complete Frac Stage Detail or Partial Frac Detail
  • Search Wizard enhancements filtered by lateral length, number of frac stages, number of drilling days and perforations below a specified measured depth value
  • The standard Completions Selectable Columns, with the additional field to display lateral length, number of frac stages, and number of days drilled

If you would like access to this information, please contact your account representative about a DI Pro subscription.

Several New Products and One Awesome Conference on the Horizon

Several New Products and One Awesome Conference on the Horizon

As the head of products here at Drillinginfo, my job is to look forward and ensure we have the products available that will help our customers make better oil and gas decisions, faster. There are a couple of things that will be in customers hands within the next day or two.

In the next few weeks, we will release frac information in North Dakota. Since 2007, about 2,000 wells were drilled and completed using hydraulic fracturing techniques in the state. The bulk of the wells were drilled in the Bakken and some even include detailed frac stage data. Combine this information with our production data and there is a new opportunity to learn things about the Bakken that never existed before.

If you are active in North Dakota, you may have also noticed we have been adding completion information to some of the wells. This work was first released in July, 2012 and is an ongoing project. I am particularly excited about this effort because our ultimate goal is to do all the wells in North Dakota.

This week we are releasing 3 more states as part of our ongoing lease project. California, Montana and Kansas will be available, and I understand Michigan is coming soon.

wellspot-screen2Although it has not been officially announced, Drillinginfo released its first mobile application called DI WellSpot for both Apple iOS and Android. As a reader of this blog, you can be the first one in your office to amaze your cube-mates by identifying the wells around your building using your phone. No wells around your building? Not a problem, just pan the map to find them anywhere throughout the country.

Lastly, our 3rd annual World Members Meeting is October 24-26 at the Hilton in downtown Austin, Texas. Previously, many have remarked it’s the best conference they’ve ever attended. This is my first time presenting, so I am going to do everything in my power not to damage that reputation. But seriously, I am really looking forward to presenting about our future products. And, I’m especially looking forward to meeting all of you. So, please stop by, introduce yourself and tell me about the things you would like to see from Drillinginfo down the road.

What do you think? Have you downloaded DI Wellspot yet? Do you plan to attend the World Members Meeting? Leave a comment below.


John Fierstien is the Vice President of Product Development for Drillinginfo. His team works to ensure our clients have great products that help them make better oil and gas decisions, faster. He has over 30 years of experience in the industry. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Geology from Central Michigan University, and his Master of Science in Geology from the University of Pittsburgh.

3 Reasons Your E&P Enterprise Needs to Go Pro

3 Reasons Your E&P Enterprise Needs to Go Pro

2012 has been an exceptionally exciting year for us here at Drillinginfo. In March, Insight Venture Partners made a $165 million investment in the company. Then, we had a blast raising everyone’s Unconventional IQ at NAPE last month. But nothing can match our excitement as we announce Drillinginfo’s newest product!

Introducing DI Pro

At Drillinginfo, we pride ourselves on releasing products that shake up the market, but DI Pro is nothing short of game-changing. It is by far our most comprehensive and groundbreaking package yet. It incorporates new layers of information and tools to support all technical professionals and business decision makers. As a result, DI Pro subscribers will experience increased productivity and efficiency throughout all departments of their company. As our fearless leader Allen Gilmer said, “DI Pro is the next big step in providing quick, valuable and immediately actionable insight into the global oil patch.”


Here are 3 Reasons to Go Pro!

  1. DI Analytics: The DI Analytics team has developed tools that are sure to revolutionize the way asset managers and business development professionals make decisions. First, DI Research Reports contain overviews and analyses of various unconventional plays, including the Bakken, Barnett, Eagle Ford, Haynesville and Niobrara. Each detailed report provides regional productivity and activity trends, operational and technical comparisons, geological context, economic trends and business considerations. Second, there is DI Interactive Data Access, delivered via Tibco Spotfire Web Player. This database offers access to DI Analytics’ refined database of leasing, permitting, and drilling and production activity. Each dataset is filtered to provide high resolution insights and to optimize the decision making process. DI Analytics also provides direct source data access to the visualizations and enhanced datasets used to generate the reports. Another beneficial aspect of DI Pro is Acreage Grading. This output of a complete statistical model was developed exclusively by Drillinginfo to predict the likelihood and amount of production from unconventional reservoirs. This model has three outputs: Liquid Production, Gas Production, and Economic Recovery. Acreage Grading is calculated by comparing dozens of geological parameters derived by Drillinginfo’s geologists, stratigraphers , and petrophysicists, to actual production output by play to identify particular rock property and geological drivers and production of a play by play basis.
  2. DI Geology: Want access to the best subsurface modeling tools in the industry? Look no further. DI Geology’ Digital Well Log Library offers over 40,000 workstation-ready, quality controlled geographically and geologically indexed logs. DI Geology Models offer correlations for over 30,000 logs generated with our patented sequence stratigraphy process. This process illustrates producing intervals, formation tops, bottoms and facies. Lastly, Play Projects provide unprecedented access to prepackaged subsurface models of relevant unconventional plays. Available through DI Cloud (formerly DNA), current plays include the Eagle Ford, Niobrara and Wolfberry.
  3. DI Land: In July 2012, Drilling Info, Inc. acquired Grand Prairie, TX based County Scans. As a result, Drillinginfo can now offer online title information dating back to sovereignty. This means landmen can determine mineral ownership, Division Order Analysts can calculate mineral ownership percentages and Oil & Gas Attorneys can write title opinions without ever leaving their desks! DI Pro users can also leverage DI County Scans to view and print property records, search Grantee/Grantor records for property ownership, liens, probates, and Abstracts of Judgment, and convert paper files into manageable and indexed electronic files that are accessible from any computer. By combining DI County Scans, LeaseTracs and UnitTracs under one DI Land umbrella, Drillinginfo has accelerated leasing, prospect and business development to a rate previously unseen in the industry.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about DI Pro! We truly believe this is the best product on the market today. It is a single resource that transcends all areas of technology and business.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think? Are you a technical professional, asset team, business development manager, or business critical decision maker? How do you see DI Pro affecting your daily workflow? And, how do you see DI Pro changing the way we do business as an industry? Please, share your thoughts in the comments box below!


Did You Increase Your Unconventional IQ at Summer NAPE 2012?

Did You Increase Your Unconventional IQ at Summer NAPE 2012?

Drillinginfo was on a mission to raise NAPE attendee’s oil & gas IQ this summer with insightful presentations and the release of DI Pro. This new package is comprised of DI Analytics, DI Geology, DI Land and DI Desktop. Those who attended the presentations not only got a first look at the new features, but examples of how they can improve your workflows and help oil & gas professionals make smarter, faster decisions.

Colin Westmoreland speaking at Drillinginfo’s Summer NAPE booth

If you’ve ever been to a Drillinginfo NAPE booth, then you know we can’t help but have a little fun. This year we welcomed Mentalist Jon Stetson, who would read our participant’s minds before each presentation. He was so dead on he even put his own money on the line if he was wrong…although he never was.

Mentalist Jon Stetson on the Drillinginfo stage

Come see what we have in store for Winter NAPE at booth number 2509 on February 5-8, 2013.

If you’re interested in learning more about what DI Pro or any facet of Drillinginfo has to offer, please contact your sales representative.

Work Smarter Not Harder with DI County Scans!

Work Smarter Not Harder with DI County Scans!

DI County Scans specializes in converting paper files into manageable, indexed electronic files accessible from any computer.  Search Grantee/Grantor Record for Property Ownership, Liens, Probates, Abstracts of Judgment or Title Plants by Abstract Name, Abstract Number, Subdivision, and Lot and Block.

DI County Scans joins our LandTrac feature as part of our new DI Land package which offers the deep lease and ownership information that is crucial component to decision making in the oil and gas industry. Today, DI County Scans can currently provide lease data back to sovereignty in more than 40 Texas counties and additional states and counties are being added from across other unconventional plays across the US.







Training videos are now available on our training site.  Visit the Help & Training link on, click the link to access the Tutorials. The DI County Scans training videos will be under the New & Notable section.

For more information about DI County Scans and to learn how to gain access with your Drillinginfo subscription.