Rextag + Drillinginfo

Drillinginfo & Rextag Collaborate to Combine Advanced Mapping and Takeaway Capabilities for Midstream Analytics

Rextag and Drillinginfo

Maps and timing matter in the Midstream business and Rextag has earned a stellar reputation for delivering critical information to oil and gas professionals when they need it. Now, Rextag and Drillinginfo have collaborated to create a new solution called Drillinginfo Midstream Infrastructure. With Rextag’s GIS data inside Drillinginfo’s web application, this new product provides all datasets relevant to the midstream sector in one platform, breaking down data silos and providing an unparalleled view of all midstream activity.

Midstream businesses conduct extensive analysis of surface mapping for planning and logistics related to pipelines, rail, processing, storage, refineries, renewable energy infrastructure and electricity transmission. Currently, many companies solve midstream problems by piecemealing datasets from a variety of vendors, or by simply making important decisions with only partial information. The Drillinginfo-Rextag integrated solution provides powerful context and unprecedented above-ground infrastructure siting and mapping, all on the Drillinginfo platform.

Drillinginfo Midstream Infrastructure is available to current DI users and new customers and is perfectly positioned to address questions such as:

  • Which gatherers operate in the vicinity and may be able to pick up my production?
  • Are there buyers for the production from my wildcat well?
  • Which potential acquisition candidate gets premium pricing because they are next to existing, available takeaway infrastructure?
  • Where might unforeseen pipeline bottlenecks occur?
  • Knowing the true takeaway capacity, how do I gauge the impact of supply adds/misses and changes in pricing?
  • How will increased oil pipeline or rail capacity affect crude prices?
  • What is the CAPEX spend of a company I’m following and will they achieve a positive ROI by actually selling product?


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