DI Analytics provides robust data sets to help uncover hidden value drivers in sub-optimized reservoirs.


DI Analytics Core provides the most complete set of energy data and energy analytics available. Find hidden value by identifying oil and gas lease and permit trends, benchmarking operator productivity, and evaluating reservoir quality. With Drillinginfo, customers will understand which operators are outperforming others, what variables drive well performance, and how to determine best practices for a specific play area. DI Analytics Core includes four value-add modules: DI Asset Analysis, DI Leasing Analytics, Graded Acreage, and Permit Activity.


  • Identify the best acquisition targets: The patented and proprietary Drillinginfo Graded Acreage system identifies both the quality of acreage and the effectiveness of operator techniques
  • Benchmark operator performance: Make apples-to-apples comparisons of operators’ productivity regardless of the quality of acreage in which they are drilling. With this level of analysis, you can identify which operators are strongest relative to other players in a given area
  • Evaluate reservoir quality: Graded Acreage assigns grades to each square foot of acreage in a given area. Pinpoint the most attractive leases quickly and easily


  • Intuitive Workflow Design: DI Asset Analysis is set up as a step-by-step workflow to easily understand production, completion, and field development trends over time and across categories such as county, operator, and reservoir quality
  • Customizable: Focus only on the information that is most important to you with data and visualization filters to hone in on a specific area of interest, operator, county, etc. Intelligence is presented in easy-to-read charts, graphs, and maps, with all data fully exportable
  • Project-Ready Analysis: Analytics-grade datasets aid in rapid, accurate studies of production, performance, and completion parameters of wells, areas, or operators with no manual data digging or project building required


  • Explore Leasing Trends: Understand leasing activity over time in a specific play and the counties currently seeing the most leasing activity and those that are seeing declining activity
  • Get Ahead of New Deals: Determine where leases are expiring in the next 60 days in your area of interest
  • Benchmark: Identify average terms for royalty and length of leases in your area of interest and how they compare to other areas; determine unique acreage count by grantee

    Permit Activity

    • Competitor Monitoring: Stay informed of the competition by monitoring who is active in your area of interest and how close to your acreage competitors are permitting
    • Identify Recent Trends: Identify common permitting parameters, such as lateral lengths and depths being permitted in a given area
    • Stay Informed: Monitor recent activity such as the counties with the most recent permits, the top permitting companies in your area of interest, and the areas seeing the biggest increases and decreases in permitting


    Drillinginfo was the first pioneer on a mission to enable all upstream E&P companies to become more proactive, efficient, and competitive by providing access to oil and gas data–an unprecedented move in an industry that had previously thrived on information asymmetry. By providing the necessary tools and insights, we lay the foundation for your success.

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    Drillinginfo consistently invests a substantial amount of our revenue in research and development. Our reinvestment allows us to develop and deliver continuous improvements to customers every day. Legacy competitors do not evolve and adapt to market needs in this way.