Evaluate operators, areas, and reservoirs through a single easy-to-follow workflow.

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Evaluate operators, areas, and reservoirs through a single easy-to-follow workflow. DI Analytics Asset Analysis is a tool to conduct rapid, accurate studies of production, performance, completion parameters, and field development of wells, areas, or operators – all within a single platform.


Step-by-Step Workflow:DI Asset Analysis is set up as a step-by-step workflow to easily hone in on the most relevant information. Analyzing strategy, trends, and performance across AOIs is simple.

Customizable: Focus on only the information that is most relevant to you. Simply select your area of interest and move through each tab to view activity and the evolution of wells in your AOI, understand production and completion trends, follow field development over time, compare metrics across operators and counties, run decline curve analysis, and more.


Fast Answers: You need answers fast. With DI Asset Analysis, there’s no need to clean data or build models. Run accurate analyses faster than your competitors.

Intuitive: The dashboard visuals provide intuitive analysis in easy-to-read charts, graphs, and maps with customizable views and filters so you can easily find and then visualize the most relevant information. Digesting and understanding the results of your analyses is easier than ever.


Plug-and-play: No need to spend time digging through datasets or cleaning and loading data before you can even begin your job. The analytics-grade datasets in DI Asset Analysis are pre-cleaned so you can begin project work as soon as you log in.

Dynamic: You’re never out of the loop with DI Asset Analysis. Information is consistently updated so you are working with only the most up-to-date intelligence for more accurate analyses.


Drillinginfo was the first pioneer on a mission to enable all upstream E&P companies to become more proactive, efficient, and competitive by providing access to oil and gas data–an unprecedented move in an industry that had previously thrived on information asymmetry. By providing the necessary tools and insights, we lay the foundation for your success.

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Drillinginfo consistently invests a substantial amount of our revenue in research and development. Our reinvestment allows us to develop and deliver continuous improvements to customers every day. Legacy competitors do not evolve and adapt to market needs in this way.