Visualize engineering data for unique insights

DI Engineering Explorer

Leverage up-to-date intelligence to make more informed engineering decisions. With DI Engineering Explorer, visualize engineering data for more than half a million wells across the U.S. through an intuitive, easy-to-understand dashboard.

Reduce Unnecessary Costs and Increase Production

Understand how the most productive operators are completing their wells

One-Stop Shop

Datasets from multiple public and proprietary sources integrated in a single, easy-to-use platform

Detailed Insights

Identify the specific frac details for individual wells

Proactive Monitoring

Stay on top of trends in frac designs by operator, play, and service provider

Maximize Production and ROI

Activate Best Practices 
Identify top completion techniques from the best-performing wells.

Custom Results 
Hone in on the information most relevant to you. Explore granular engineering details by play, county, and operator or filter down to a single well level.

Hidden Correlations 
Visualize multiple datasets integrated together to understand the relationship between different completion techniques and production to improve your returns.

Competitive Edge

Proprietary Intelligence 
Leverage a proprietary dataset to identify the names, number, density, supplier, and purpose of materials used in the best producing wells.

Be the First to Know 
Consistently updated production and engineering data.

Unique Insights 
Export and integrate with internal datasets for exclusive analysis.

Competitive Edge

Proprietary Intelligence
Leverage a proprietary dataset to identify the names, number, density, supplier, and purpose of materials used in the best producing wells.

Be the First to Know
Consistently updated production and engineering data.

Unique Insights
Export and integrate with internal datasets for exclusive analysis.


Industry leaders use DI to keep themselves ahead of the competition and proactively optimize their business


DI Web App

All the oil & gas intelligence and cutting-edge tools you need to stay competitive in a single platform

DI Mobile App

Take DI intellgence with you on the road, and always stay informed

DI Basic

Essential oil & gas intelligence that empowers confident business decisions

DI Plus

The mission critical oil & gas decision platform with enhanced exports, allocated production, and LandTrac™

DI Analytics

Uncover hidden insights into leasing, permitting, and production

Commodity data, analytics, and integration solutions

DI Rig Analytics

Track over 95% of the U.S. rig fleet on a daily basis

DI Engineering Explorer

Visualize and analyze the most detailed completion and production data

DI Refrac Analysis

Your step-by-step guide to the best refracs

DI Excel Tools

Drillinginfo data delivered directly into your Excel model

DI WellCast

Predict well-level production and economics in minutes versus days

DI Courthouse

24/7 access to digital courthouse records

DI Play Assessments

Project-ready, geological data and analyses for basins across the U.S.

DI Asset Analysis

Evaluate operators, areas, and reservoirs through a single easy-to-follow workflow

DI Prodcast

In-depth market fundamental analysis and production forecasts

DI Chem Analytics

Understand the techniques used to complete, refrac, and operate the best-producing wells

DI Transform

An all-in-one GG&E platform that helps you understand the subsurface through integrated geoscientific data

DI Geodata Services

Increase your GIS output exponentially and get answers faster


Automate mineral management with easy-to-use tools

Creating the first 360-degree view of energy and commodities, and real-time market insights

DI Midstream Essentials

The Essential Infrastructure and Production Data for Midstream Companies

DI Midstream Premier

The most comprehensive midstream solution for faster, more profitable decision making

DI Optiflo Gas

The most efficient solution for long-term natural gas supply and demand forecasting and modeling

DI Business Intelligence Cloud Database

Easy Integration of Analysis – Ready Data

PRT Forecast

Highly accurate load, price, wind, and solar generation forecasting for the energy industry.

DI Services

Tangible results to complex problems

Oklahoma Spacing and Density

The fastest, easiest way to find spacing intelligence in Oklahoma.

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