Optimize engineering and make precise predictions with detailed completion fracturing data, Estimated Ultimate Recoveries, and powerful production and completion intelligence tools.


DI Engineering delivers comprehensive completion and production intelligence to help you make actionable recommendations and understand the impact of each production variable in a fraction of the time. Drillinginfo provides detailed completion data and Estimated Ultimate Recoveries (EURs) for producing entities across the United States.



  • Breadth of Data: Get data for multiple plays, hundreds of operators, and thousands of wells across the US
  • Depth of Data: Delve into detailed data points such as proppant volume, fluid types, perforation depths, casing details, formations, and more
  • Ease of Integration: Import state datasets into your internal system for a blended, customized view
  • Single Well Level: Identify completion methods down to the individual well, correlating completion techniques with production for that well


  • Best Practices: Identify complete fracturing details used in the best-producing wells such as depth, fluid types, proppant type, proppant volume, and more
  • Cleansing and Enrichment: Publicly reported information is cleansed, normalized, integrated, and transformed
  • Proprietary Algorithms: Drillinginfo algorithms are applied to publically reported stimulation data, correlating proppant ingredients and mass to specific fractured wells
  • Recipe for a Well: Understand the ingredients (chemicals) and proportions that were used to complete a well


  • Advanced Analysis: Statistical views across a region or area uncover best practices on hydrocarbon recovery
  • High-Level or Well-Level: High-level statistical views of entire plays or regions, as well as detailed predictions for individual wells
  • Precise Projections: Accurate forecasting enables you to make engineering recommendations with unmatched confidence
  • Productivity Forecasts: Calculate how much oil and gas that is either potentially recoverable or has already been recovered from a reserve or well


  • Operator Activity: See how operators are completing the highest producing wells
  • Data Across Disciplines: Discover hard-to-find correlations and connections between engineering and production
  • Multiple Regions: Visualizations of production and completion data for more than 130,000 wells across 14 states
  • Add-On Option: The Explorer module is available as an add-on to DI Engineering

DI Engineering has many more features. Download our spec sheet here to see all the functionality available to you.


Drillinginfo was the first pioneer on a mission to enable all upstream E&P companies to become more proactive, efficient, and competitive by providing access to oil and gas data–an unprecedented move in an industry that had previously thrived on information asymmetry. By providing the necessary tools and insights, we lay the foundation for your success.

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Drillinginfo consistently invests a substantial amount of our revenue in research and development. Our reinvestment allows us to develop and deliver continuous improvements to customers every day. Legacy competitors do not evolve and adapt to market needs in this way.