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Leverage Integrated Worldwide Oil and Gas Data

With weekly scouting articles for almost 200 countries, predictions on upcoming opportunities from Drillinginfo analysts, and detailed timelines and map layers, DI International provides the who, what, where, when, and why of the global oil & gas industry.

Proactively Monitor
key events that could impact your investment or exploration strategy

Maximize Investments
by screening opportunities faster and uncovering deeper insights

Reduce Risk
associated with new ventures and make confident decisions backed by data

Save Resources
with an easy-to-use single sourced platform that saves you hours or even days of research

Monitor Investments and Find New Opportunities with Ease Using the New VirtualScout™ and Activity Feed

Don’t miss opportunities because you have too much data to filter through. VirtualScoutTM transforms big data into actionable insights by curating Scout Articles and other activity notifications that allow you to hone in on the opportunities that effect your business.

Power Your Global Strategy with Analysis from Regional Experts

Drillinginfo Scouts span the globe and are respected in the industry for providing the best reports and editorial content. Articles are geo-located and indexed to help you focus on activity that matters to you.

Understand Who is Operating a Given Block Instantly

Save hours of analysis with the Country Trend Data and Participant and Global Equity pie charts that roll up all asset ownership up to the highest-level parent company allowing you to:

Quickly and effortlessly evaluate and visualize a company’s full portfolio

Eliminate the need to sift through local subsidiaries or shell corporations

Efficiently find joint venture opportunities

Timelines Tell the Story Hours of Research Cannot

With the new Timeline feature, you get a complete view of the life of a block, from award to exploration to abandoned well.

Access Production Data in Context

Drillinginfo has integrated all of its international datasets including production into one platform creating a whole that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Charting tools such as decline curve analysis and type curves allow you to extract insights faster with powerful visualizations that tell a story data points alone cannot.

Reduce Risk with Decline Curve Analysis and Predictive Analytic Tools

Quickly analyze dozens of wells and compare type curves for different groups of data. Fast and informative auto-fit functionality identifies parameters that best fit the data.

Global Insights are Now Portable with the Drillinginfo Mobile App

Opportunities don’t wait until you are back at your desk and neither should you. Drillinginfo is extending the power of its industry leading oil and gas data and analytics platform beyond the office walls making sure you are connected with critical decision data. Whether you are in a meeting, out in the field, or on the move Drillinginfo will be there to provide you proprietary Scouting Activity, International Well data, and active and planned Surveys.