Your Step-by-Step Guide to the Best Refracs


Maximize production. Value assets and companies. Identify the best locations for future refracs. Conduct competitive analysis. With DI Refrac Analysis, access a step-by-step built-in workflow that allows you understand the refrac process from identification to results and analysis. This dynamic, customizable intelligence tool answers the most important questions around refracs faster and easier than has ever been possible.



  • No more manual searches: Stop sifting through multiple sources to find information that will need to be updated again in a few weeks or months. With DI Refrac Analysis, data is continuously added and updated
  • Dynamic, visualized intelligence: Customizable maps, charts, graphs, and filters provide dozens of automated, dynamic metrics on refrac locations, production, engineering, and trends for over 7,000 recompletions and 3,000 refracs across the country



  • Easy-to-follow, built-in workflow: Identify refrac candidates quickly and easily. Follow each step or jump to the individual datasets and charts that are most important to you
  • Easy exports: Easily export data into your internal database for unique analysis with your proprietary intelligence



  • Competitive edge across industries: Whether you are searching for the most economical new wells to refrac and the best completion methods to use, comparing the performance of a refrac’d well with its original performance, determining the appropriate value for minerals based on their potential for future refracs, or tracking competitor activity, DI Refrac Analysis gives you a competitive edge
  • Customizable: Customize the filters, maps, and dashboards in the product so that you can easily access the information you need as soon as you log in