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The Permian Premium: Are Recent High Prices Justified?

Key Points Activity in the Permian is high by all measures except new lease filing. Asset transactions involving Permian acreage ranged from $10,00 to $58,000 per net acre in 2016. Analysis of Wolfcamp B type curve production for recent long lateral wells in Martin County suggests land NPV from $52,000…

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Alpine High: Spotting the Shadows of Black Swans

Schwarzschwan. Cygne noir. Cisne negro. Translation?? Black swan. When Nassim Nicholas Taleb popularized the term Black Swan after the 2008 market crash, just about every CEO and business strategist pretzelled their brains trying to anticipate—and thus get ahead—of the next Black Swan event. A Black Swan event is something totally…

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Forget Tunnel Vision – The New Normal is Insights and Context Through Data

Today, we live in an information-sharing world, with data growing at such an incredible rate that by the year 2020, for every person on the planet, 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second. That includes everything from social media to enterprise and customer data and so on….

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Implement Analytics to be Top Tier E&P Company

Regardless of what industry you work in, studies have shown those who embrace the use of data and analytics perform better. This is especially true of the Oil & Gas industry where so many variables can determine your success. A recent Bain study supports this by revealing that companies with…

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BP’s Road Forward: US Onshore Activity

BP Just posted their 2nd Quarter results for 2016, their first report since having “drawn a line under the material liabilities for Deepwater Horizon” spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Although they missed their target and profits are down for the quarter (due to the low price of…

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