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The Royal Dutch Shell – BG Energy Merger: Is it All about Asia?

Royal Dutch Shell’s recent announcement of its intent to purchase BG Group for $69.6 billion dollars resounded through the oil and gas press. Initially there was a round of excitement that the deal marked the beginning of the M&A cycle that everyone is expecting from the current oil-price situation. But…

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Halliburton and Schlumberger – Looking Ahead

There’s still a lot of bad news in the land of Oilfield Services (OFS) giants recently. Schlumberger announced plans to lay off another 11,000 folks bringing their total to 20,000. Halliburton beat expectations on their quarterly revenue figures (due to activity in the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America), but…

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Using Analytics to De-risk Drilling Practices: an Offshore Example

The shale revolution taking place in the United States is overwhelming because of the amount of data acquired from unconventional plays. Because of the technology the operators employ during any given onshore drilling program, we now have access to information across the gamut of exploration & production. Information inundation is…

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Using DI Analytics for Electrical Load Planning in Hot Areas

From the E&P side of the world, it seems like a drilling rig is all you really need to start producing oil and gas in a new area. We take for granted the infrastructure that must be in place to sustain high oil and gas activity in an area. A…

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Understanding the Drillinginfo Index |Infographic|

It’s the second Thursday in April and that means we have published the new Drillinginfo Index. Since the DI Index is still relatively new, we decided to build an infographic to help you get the most out of the index. Here at Drillinginfo we look at the enormous amount of…

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