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Mexican Oil & Gas Shales: Opening to the World

When the World Shale Oil Summit met in Dallas last month, North America (the United States and to a lesser extent Canada) naturally took center stage. However, sponsor CWC promotes this annual gathering, now in its fifth year, as an international event so shale opportunities around the globe were...

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Little Giants – How Small Companies Can Utilize Partnerships for Growth in an Evolving Industry

An increased public focus on unconventional reservoirs, hydraulic fracturing, and offshore development has allowed for major oil companies to be the face of recent industry growth. However, within the industry itself, the importance of independent operators cannot be overstated. Independents are...

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OPEC Meeting -Thanksgiving Results in Continued Market Volatility

The recent return of volatility to the global crude oil market has sparked substantial speculation as to future price, supply, and demand. While price volatility may continue, examination of the best available global data shows stable and increasing crude oil demand as well as adequate long-term...

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The Anadarko Basin makes Oklahoma Oil & Gas more than OK

It was a bright sunny day in Oklahoma when suddenly a massive 100 foot flame shot out of the side of the rig I was approaching like a giant fire-breathing dragon. The sound of the fireball was unmistakable even though the air conditioning was on and the car windows were rolled up. I was still too...

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45 Top Oil and Gas News Stories of 2014

Interesting. News. This week, we’re all focused on news about industry reaction to declining US crude prices, and are pretty caught up on Halliburton and Baker Hughes’ merger, Kinder Morgan’s restructuring, Harold Hamm’s divorce, and Aubrey McClendon’s continuing good fortune. But...

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