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China Oil & Gas Demand, Supply, and the Road Ahead

China China China. Like Jan Brady clamoring for attention, all solutions to the current soft oil and gas market eventually intersect with the energy consuming Marsha that is China. (Take that Tortoise vs. Hare metaphor from a couple weeks ago!) Fair enough. There are after all 1,376,000,000 people in China,…

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Redeterminations, Hedges and Oil & Gas Q415 Outlook

October will mark the second bi-annual review of the credit lines for many heavily indebted shale players. Unfortunately their options are shrinking since oil prices now hover around $45 per barrel, significantly lower than the April 2015 mark of around $55 to $60 per barrel. While hedged positions staved off…

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A&D for Oil & Gas Set to Expand: Get Ready with Drillinginfo

In today’s depressed commodity price environment, participants in the Oil and Gas industry are keeping a watchful eye on the A&D and M&A markets. By any measure, 2015 YTD acquisitions are below the expectations of most analysts. The $11B transacted in the U.S. through August of this year is down…

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Consider the Tortoises When Investing in Domestic Unconventional Operators

The tortoise and the hare may be the most famous folk tale in the western world. The confident hare blasts out of the starting block leaving the tortoise in the dust. Slowly and steadily, the tortoise passes the napping hare. With domestic unconventional production, most of the performance so far…

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Solve Oil and Gas Problems Without Losing Your Mind

Use DI Plus to solve your oil and gas problems and make forward-looking decisions in a dynamic landscape Price swings and dynamic forecasts are regular occurrences in the oil and gas industry. Surviving and thriving requires versatile tools that solve different problems and manage mass quantities of data. It’s a…

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