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Canadian Oil Companies Gather for CGEF’s “World of Opportunity” Conference

“Follow the mice to find the elephants,” attendees of the third annual Calgary Global Exploration Forum (CGEF) conference were told last month. While Calgary’s international players, with a couple notable exceptions like Husky Energy, are generally small juniors and even smaller start ups,...

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Inside Shale Gas and Oil Geology

The production of hydrocarbons from shale has dramatically increased over the last decade. For example, the figure below shows the increase in production of gas from 2004 to 2014 in the Bakken. This shale boom has been driven by the advent of two relatively new technologies, directional drilling...

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Falling Oil Prices, Crude Oil Exports and Uncertainty Avoidance – The Road Ahead

The frenzy from falling oil prices has officially begun, fanning the flames of the crude oil export debate as oil proponents seek to preserve America’s economic bright spot. The Oil Price Plunge In recent months, crude oil prices have fallen by more than 27 percent. The WTI crude oil price...

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Michigan Basin Geology Makes Michigan A Great Oil and Gas State

Today I am going to discuss an area of the US oil field that doesn’t get a lot attention but has been and remains an important part of the US oil business. Since 1870 Michigan has been an important source of petroleum and today the state has a vibrant and healthy oil and gas community. Michigan...

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Russian Sanctions and Demography: Effect on Future Oil Exports

Russia is one of the largest hydrocarbon producers in the world. How much oil Russia exports in the future will affect global supply. The United States, the European Union, and other nation states have recently imposed economic sanctions on Russia in response to Russian aggression in the...

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