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Whiting Petroleum: a Closer Look

Whiting Petroleum just raised $2.75 Billion! Since that is a lot of money, I thought I should fire up the Drillinginfo Analytics package (DI Analytics), take a closer look at their operations and see what they’re likely to spend their new money on. Show Me the Money A few weeks…

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Logging Bad: Why Log Errors Exist and How to Correct Them in DI Transform

Even the most expert geologist needs good data to do good work. We’ve all heard the aphorism “garbage in, garbage out,” but how are you supposed to know what data is a mistake and what data is significant? Those unfamiliar with the logging process ask: “Why in this day and…

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Oil Futures: Reducing Risk in a Volatile Market

Crude oil prices are in contango. Contango means the expected future price of a barrel of oil is higher than the current spot price. That’s a good thing, right? When Harold Hamm says “Avoid selling that production in this poor market and wait for service costs to fall before completing…

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Saudi Arabia and Oil: What You Need to Know

Saudi Arabia is all over the news. Every time a minister speaks, headlines reverberate through all of the O&G industry sites, and even Harold Hamm’s recent Cowboyistan manifesto points to the Saudi’s November decision to maintain production levels as the major piece of context. What makes Saudi Arabia such a…

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DI Geology at Work: Unconventional Play Quiz

There are many unconventional plays in the US and the number will continue to rise as more studies are done and technology advances. These unconventional plays became popular with the invention of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, which allowed for their economic development. There are so many unique plays located…

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