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50 Dollars for a Barrel of Oil – So What Now?

As someone who has worked in the E&P sector for the past 20+ years, I’ve seen my share of ups and downs in the industry. While the causes of past price swings have all been different, the effects have generally been the same. It’s been correctly stated that when E&P…

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Moving Past Rig Counts: a Deeper Look at Bakken Rig Activity

Rig Counts Did you know… “Over the last week the Bakken rig count has dropped another 9 rigs from 140 rigs. This is a 6.4% drop off when the US land rig count fell 7% over the same time period.” or how about… “Bakken rig count dropped another 47 rigs…

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Permian Basin Production – Midland vs Delaware Basins

This is the final entry to the three part series regarding the comparison of the Midland and Delaware sub-basins in the Greater Permian Basin. The previous entries have discussed the evolution, deposition, and stratigraphy of both of the sub-basins. This is fundamental information needed to understand the development and production…

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Enhanced Oil Recovery Part 2 |Infographic|

A month or so ago I posted an article on Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques and it proved to be a popular topic, so much so that we decided our good friend Bill Roth could make a useful infographic to better illustrate the concepts (check out Bill’s previous infographic for The…

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Allen Gilmer Introduces Drillinginfo Index |Video|

Reliance on the single data point of rig count to determine future new production capacity for US Onshore Oil and Gas is something we have been concerned about here at Drillinginfo for some time — see Ramona Hovey’s awesome post Are Rig Counts Dead? from last May and Kevin Thuot’s…

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