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Crude Swap with Mexico – The Heavy and The Light

On August 14 the Obama Administration announced that the Commerce Department would approve applications to export up to 100,000 barrels of light crude per day to Mexico in a swap arrangement for an equivalent volume of heavy crude from Mexico. This type of export has previously been available between The…

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Oil & Gas Exploration: The 3 Keys

It’s easy to make money in the oil patch at $100 a barrel, but it takes a much smarter plan of action to excel now that we’re hovering around the $40 mark. Forward thinking operators are looking to buy production in the ground, and are focusing their attention on where…

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5 Ways Drillinginfo Makes International Drilling a Less Risky Business

Drilling or investing abroad is a big undertaking. No matter how successful you are at home, working internationally is still filled with risk and uncertainty. Each country has a different data room system, awards bids differently, and operates a different fiscal regime. We know that finding and acquiring the best…

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Chinese Currency Devaluation and Strategic Petroleum Reserves

China’s decision to devalue the Renminbi after filling its crude oil reserves earlier this year has effectively provided it a hedge against any short-term supply disruption. Because China depends heavily upon oil imported from the Middle East, Angola and Venezuela, it has taken advantage of its past currency strength to…

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How to Predict the Oil & Gas Future with Drillinginfo

Use DI Basic to make projections and make forward-looking decisions in a dynamic landscape Oil and gas data software must provide a lot of value to clients or it just isn’t a worthwhile investment. Given the challenges of keeping up with regulatory changes, conflicting news reports, big producers selling assets,…

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