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Canadian Oil and Gas Well Numbers

Several weeks ago I wrote about US Well Numbers and the basics of how they are numbered and who numbers them along with the standards committee that sets the rules. Today I’m writing about the Canadian system which is very different from the US but as a geologist I find it elegant, logical and...

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Chaos Theory: Order for the Unconventional Oil Patch?

4.6692016090 – the Most Important Number in Upstream E&P?? Huh?? One number?? Instead of numbers like 1200 BOPD or 6500# ftp or 15,000’ MD? Or even 200,000 gross acres under lease? Probably a small percentage of those of you reading this know this number as Feigenbaum’s constant...

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8 Fun Facts for the Landman about Mineral Rights, Land and Leasing

Whether it’s during a casual conversation, a long road trip or an awkward first date, we’ve all experienced it… air in the conversation. We sit there racking our brains for something, anything, to break up the silence. I can think a few ways more apt at accomplishing this than throwing...

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North Carolina Natural Gas? East Coast Triassic Rift Basins Opening Up

Among the myriad of prospects being hawked at Summer NAPE in August, one stood out if for no other reason than its sheer uniqueness. Summer NAPE is now known more specifically as NAPE South, so it was no surprise that the exposition’s offering was weighted heavily toward Texas, Louisiana and New...

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Well Completion 101 Part 2: Well Perforation

After drilling and casing your well, the next phase in well completion is perforation. Just as drilling and casing happen together, best practices in today’s oil field involve an “underbalanced” downhole environment, and thus, have the perforation happening in tandem with the installation...

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