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Energy Digital Summit 2015 – DI CMO Maria Carballosa Keynote

Earlier today Drillinginfo’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Maria Carballosa delivered the opening keynote address for the 2015 Energy Digital Summit in Houston, Texas. There are many things to be proud of here at Drillinginfo – over the course of 2014 alone our...

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DI Geodata Services – Connecting GIS Professionals to Mapping Solutions

What Are Geodata Services? It’s hard to imagine making important leasing or drilling decisions without the ability to analyze the latest oil and gas information and see it on a map. Fortunately, it’s easy to bring Drillinginfo’s data into a company’s GIS and mapping environment with DI...

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Enhanced Oil Recovery: What You Need to Know

This week, the crude oil market is continuing to dip, dive, bounce and then dip and dive again. I thought it would be a good time to look into some of the technologies that we expect drillers to focus on while the volatility levels out. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is one such technique that a few...

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The Big Crew Change: Are You Ready? [Infographic]

As the oil market continues to decide where it wants to be priced, most of our effort becomes tactical – what cash is available to drill and hold the sweet spots, what assets are most important, what decisions can be deferred until we see some stability, how do we remain optimistic for contango,...

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Energy Density Matters: Getting the Most Bang for your Buck

Energy density decides fuel efficiency. The British thermal unit or BTU is universally acknowledged as an objective measure of how energy is measured. An easy way to imagine how much energy found in different fuels is to think of fuel in common terms. In its Outlook for Energy: A vision to 2040...

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