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Can Conventional E&P Bring The Next Generation Of Oil Fortunes

Age demographics do not care about the price of oil. Whether oil is at $100/barrel or at $30/barrel, babies get born, people age and pass away, and when they do, their assets get passed on to their families, dear friends, favorite charities, or alma maters. This could be the great,…

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Opening The Door To Innovation – The API Era

Over the last several years the tech industry has seen the emergence of the API economy resulting in an explosion of innovation. Every notable tech company from Microsoft, to Apple, to Google uses API’s to enrich their products and spur innovation. So what are APIs, and why should the Oil…

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What Can We Expect From a Saudi Aramco IPO?

Muhammad bin Salmon, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) Deputy Crown Prince, has publicly stated his personal support for selling shares to the public in Saudi Aramco. Saudi Aramco Not likely To Include Petroleum Reserves In An IPO Khalid al-Falih, the Saudi Aramco Chairman, stated at the Davos conference last…

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Vertical Wells and “Conventional” Activity Update

Most of our attention during the past 18-months of sliding oil prices has been on the impact on US unconventional operations, and for good reason. The very technological advancement that brings future energy security to our beck and call has a very specific price: cash money. For all the efficiencies…

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Eagle Ford Completions are Bucking the Trend

In today’s gloomy oil-price news cycle, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the fact that if not for the advent of hydraulic fracturing coupled with horizontal drilling – the Unconventional Revolution – the world would be a much different place. Things in the oil (and stock) market are certainly not super…

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