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Anadarko: Operator Highlights

Last week’s rumor about Occidental Petroleum perhaps purchasing Apache (for ~$25 billion!) reminded me that Anadarko had made an offer for Apache late last year. Curious about their current status, I spent a little time looking into Anadarko and decided they would be an excellent operator to look at, especially…

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The Future of South American LNG and Gas Infrastructure

Recently, we were able to analyze the 2016 status report from The International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers (GIIGNL) regarding the advances of the industry of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) at the global level. Here are some facts, reflections and an analysis of the impact in the gas equation of…

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The University of Texas to Pave the Way for a Flurry of Lease Renegotiations

Changing the terms of oil leases may increasingly become a viable win-win solution for both operators and mineral owners either seeking financial relief or to strengthen their position. Such is the case with the University of Texas, owner of more than 2 million acres of prime oil assets. The school…

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The East Texas Basin Continues to Surprise

The East Texas Basin, a rather large Jurassic-Aged basin containing a number of hydrocarbon-bearing formations stretched across the northern part of East Texas and West Louisiana, has been making fortunes for mineral-rights owners, drillers, landmen and entrepreneurs since oil was first struck by Columbus Marion (Dad) Joiner (and his rather…

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Logistical and Physical Storage Constraints Have Outsize Effect On Crude Oil Price Swings

The price of crude oil currently drifts between the Scylla of uncertain physical supply demand balance and the Charybdis of speculative financial derivative products. Macroeconomic investors in financial products such as oil futures contracts speculate on commodity pricing trends. Because their participation in markets is purely financial, speculators, notably hedge…

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