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European Union Energy Imports: Greek and Iranian Impact

The outcome of ongoing Greek and Iranian negotiations will affect the future of European Union (EU) and its Eurozone subset hydrocarbon consumption as well as the national origin of imported raw and refined products. Eurozone will need Significant Imports of Raw & Refined Hydrocarbon Products for Foreseeable Future Although EU…

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US Drilling Activity: Can Your Rig Count Data Do This?

Rig counts have been around for over 60 years. The data is used to assess the overall health of the oil & gas industry, understand future supply trends, and reflect the strength and stability of energy prices. The standard counts are pretty simple and straight forward – a map showing…

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Oilfield Innovation – Catching Up in a Down Market

As we’ve discussed before, the great crew change is a real concern in the oil & gas industry. Another obvious concern is the slow pace of technology adoption. The oil & gas industry has historically relied upon rudimentary paper-based technology and really had no need to think outside of the…

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Gulf Coast LNG is Ready for the World

Even as natural gas overtakes coal as the biggest U. S. electricity source, the U. S. Gulf Coast is set to become a major export hub for the international Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) business. A quick look at the existing Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved facilities indicates that 6…

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STEMFORCE: Building the Next Generation of Geoscientists

The ever-growing age gap within the oil and gas industry workforce is a phenomenon that companies are all too aware of. It is projected that within five to seven years, roughly 50 percent of the industry’s workforce will be retired. STEMFORCE, funded in part by Drillinginfo and founded by the…

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