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New Surety Bond Amounts for Missouri Oil and Gas Well Operators

Image source: https://flic.kr/p/v1cjTM As of March 30th, oil and gas well operators in Missouri face new bonding requirements, and some changes to how their bond amount is calculated. The new legislation was passed in February, to ensure that the state of Missouri, and its citizens, are properly protected in case…

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DUC Hunting: Drilled and Uncompleted Wells

A big conversation piece around the oil and gas round tables is the large and vast inventory of drilled and uncompleted wells. Controversy is not far behind this table talk as nearly all states or leasing agreements have requirements on when new wells have to be brought online after initial…

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Understanding E&P Company Presentations Part 1: PV10

Things are (maybe) looking up in the oil patch. We’ve got the IEA and Harold Hamm both predicting $60 oil by the end of the year; the “plunge” allegedly brought on by the deferral at Doha actually turned out to be more whimper than bang; and the storage at Cushing…

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US E&P Focusing on the Strength of Permian Assets

Last week in midtown Manhattan, The Independent Petroleum Association of America hosted the 22nd annual Oil & Gas Investment Symposia. In addition to a couple of fantastic industry keynotes (one of which was presented by our own CEO Allen Gilmer), the heads of many premiere E&P companies had an opportunity…

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Oilfield Tech Yields Better Returns at OGIS 2016

On April 11 and 12, 2016, the Independent Petroleum Association of America presented their 22nd annual Oil & Gas Investment Symposia – OGIS 2016. In addition to restructuring debt and G&A, focusing on prime acreage (such as the Permian Basin), and stockpiling cash, many of the operators highlighted technical advances…

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